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Kyowa Kirin and Winhealth Pharma Group establishes strategic cooperation on NESP


Shanghai, December 22, 2020- Kyowa Kirin China Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Hongkong Winhealth Pharma Group Co., Ltd announced a new strategic cooperation to jointly promote the nephrological product NESP® (darbepoetin alfa Injection) in Mainland China.

Kidney disease currently affects about 850 million people globally, with one out of every ten adults known to be diagnosed with chronic kidney disease (CKD). CKD has become an important public health problem in China, with renal anemia identified as one of the most common complications among these patients. Local epidemiological data shows that the prevalence of CKD in China accounts for about 10.8 % (120 million people) of the adult population and more than 50% of these patients are suffering from renal anemia. Furthermore, patients’ conditions are further exacerbated with underlying issues such as low adherence rate and poor compliance among patients with renal anemia in China. [1][2][3]

NESP® received an approved listing in China on June 17th this year by China’s National Medical Products Administration (NMPA) for the treatment of renal anemia in patients with CKD undergoing hemodialysis, making it the first long lasting erythropoietin cell progenitor (EPO) as compared to the traditional agents, marking a new stage in the treatment of patients with renal anemia.

Darbepoetin alfa is a long-acting erythropoietin preparation, which structurally modified traditional erythropoietin (EPO) by genetic engineering and glycoprotein engineering technology, which improves its plasma half-life and biological activity. Darbepoetin alfa has a half-life which is three times that of traditional short-acting EPO preparation, and its interval of administration is extended to once a week or once every two weeks. As the world’s first long-acting ESA, darbepoetin alfa was launched in the United States and Japan in 2001 and 2007 respectively for the treatment of renal anemia. In June this year, it was approved by NMPA to be marketed in China, which has achieved the first breakthrough of long-acting ESA in the field of renal anemia in China and brought a new choice of treatment to patients with renal anemia in China. [2][3]

Signing between Mr. Jack Wang (Founder, Board Chairman and CEO of Hongkong WinHealth Pharma Group Co., Ltd.) and Mr. Kazunobu Mikawa (Chairman and General Manager of Kyowa Kirin China Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd)


According to Chairman and General Manager of Kyowa Kirin China Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, Mr. Kazunobu Mikawa, “Patient unmet needs always remain the core of strategy of our treatments and products. Kyowa Kirin China has two aims: one is to provide high quality and value-added product that will potentially provide to patients. The other one is to contribute to China’s medical development. I am very optimistic and confident about these two aims. We saw great success in this partnership in 2017, when we signed a strategic collaboration for CONIEL®. I believe that the extension of today’s partnership for NESP® will offer new medical solutions for CKD patients in China, hence improving their quality of life.”

“With the company focus in “patient-orientation”, Winhealth Pharma Group has always focused on the Chinese market and devoted itself to meet the needs of patients. Now we cooperate with Kyowa Kirin again and sign an agreement on the major product NESP®, which will definitely tighten the cooperation between the two sides, and enriched and strengthened the portfolio of cardiovascular and nephrological products, one of the five major fields of Winhealth Pharma Group. We have place great expectations on this. Hopefully NESP® will benefit patients in China and meet the needs of more patients with kidney disease.” Mr. Jack Wang, Founder, Board Chairman and CEO of Hongkong Winhealth Pharma Group Co., Ltd, pointed out.

The signing of this agreement marks a stronger long-term collaboration between Kyowa Kirin China Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd and Hongkong Winhealth Pharma Group Co. Ltd. that aims to create a sustainable growth to China’s healthcare industry.


About Kyowa Kirin

Kyowa Kirin commits to innovative drug discovery driven by state-of-the-art technologies. The company focuses on creating new values in the four therapeutic areas: nephrology, oncology, immunology/allergy and neurology. Under the Kyowa Kirin brand, the employees from 40 group companies across North America, EMEA, and Asia/Oceania unite to champion the interests of patients and their caregivers in discovering solutions wherever there are unmet medical needs. You can learn more about the business of Kyowa Kirin at:


About Kyowa Kirin China Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.

Kyowa Kirin China Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned enterprise established in China by Kyowa Kirin Co., Ltd. (Japan). It is located in Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, Pudong, with a total investment of 29.8 million US dollars. The company was formerly “Kirlin Kunpeng (China) Bio-Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.”, which was established in June 1997. It was the first bio-high-tech pharmaceutical project introduced after the establishment of “National Shanghai Biomedical Technology Industrial Base” and has been granted the national GMP certification. In April 2012, the company was officially renamed “Kyowa Kirin China Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.”.

As a business entity dedicated to product development, production and marketing, Kyowa Kirin China Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has more than 300 employees, with a business coverage throughout Mainland China. At present, the company has genetic engineering drugs such as Recombinant Human Granulocyte Colony Stimulating Factor Injection and Recombinant Human Erythropoietin Injection, and chemical drugs such as Cinacalcet Hydrochloride Tablets and Benidipine Hydrochloride Tablets.

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Hongkong Winhealth Pharma Group Co. Ltd. is an innovative pharmaceutical company based in Hong Kong and facing to mainland China, focusing on importing and commercializing proprietary therapeutics that address areas of severe unmet or underserved medical need in the Greater China market. The company consists of two major divisions, or EPD and ITD, of which the former covers respiratory and infectious disease, cardiovascular, hepatology, dermatology and urology, while the latter is rare disorders centered. By providing fully integrated local development, regulatory and commercialization services to international pharmaceutical enterprises, Winhealth has grown into one of the well-known CDCO (Contract Development and Commercialization Organization) organization in China. Its clients cover some world’s top 500 pharmaceutical MNEs. Headquartered in Hong Kong, China, WINHEALTH has operation centres and offices in Hangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Hainan, Tokyo and Munich.

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1.Expert Group on Diagnosis and Treatment Consensus for Renal Anemia, Nephrology Branch of Chinese Medical Association. Chinese Expert Consensus on Diagnosis and Treatment of Renal Anemia (2018 Revision). Chinese Journal of Nephrology, 2018, 34(11): 860-866.

2.Zhang L, et al. Prevalence of chronic kidney disease in China: a cross⁃sectional survey[J]. Lancet,2012, 379 (9818): 815⁃822.

3.Hayashi T, Joki N, Tanaka Y, et al. Anaemia and early phase cardiovascular events on haemodialysis[J]. Nephrology (Carlton), 2015, 20 Suppl 4: 1⁃6.


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